poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 26, 2017

U say one thing and do the other. With no sweat off ur back. Telling me this and telling me that. Then when I pinpoint just how I feel. You need to turn it around because u cant handle the heat. Needing to dismiss the words that I speak. Like I don’t know a thing. Forgetting I’m the chick that wrote the script.
My love can be so beautiful. When I give all I have. To you, the one. I believed in. Thought that’s what we had. But with ur lies. There’s no way this can last. U see everything that was said. I know now more than ever. Ur just repeating ur past. Even though I walked away from mine. I see that what u said was just a scheme. As its your scene to act. On the stage of life u played. Really didn’t mean a thing. You had me fooled. N that’s not easy to do. Bravo Bravo Now go accept your Tony award. Its ur time go shine and do what u do.


Tags: rhyme, anger, confused, imagery,


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