poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 26, 2017

Since you’ve been away I talk without knowing what to say. My voice just goes but nobody really knows what I am trying to say. I guess that’s what being lonely does. when you are lost just because the one you love is most a heartbeat away. 

Give me a reason why the most recent words I remember hearing you say is see u later baby I'll be there tomorrow but not today. Tell me when is your time going to be given to me the way that it’s supposed to be. 

I hurt I ache thinking all this just maybe a mistake. Give me the reasons not to go astray that will keep me close without making me feel this way. I love you but honestly I don't know how long I can take this being treated this way making me feel like I am just in the way. 

Now that you’ve heard me. I need to know what are you going to do? Because I need you more than you think I do.


Tags: love, rhyme, pain, wishful,

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Ja Ja commented:
Words from the heart always touch someone. Here's hoping yours touched the right person and not only mine
Christopher Russon commented:
Nice poem.And loneliness will become a thing of the past.


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