To you with Love

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Jan 11, 2014

If I sent to you, all my love,
At this moment, with this gift.
I think that you would lift a little,
And around the room you would drift.

So I'll send but a portion,
Of my love on this day.
So instead you may enjoy your gift,
And not just float away.

Although it's very hard to contain,
This love that's from the heart.
For love is not a simple thing,
That one can stop and start.

So even though I'm trying hard,
To control my love today.
Be prepared my dears, as you read these words,
To be lifted and float away.

Note: Written for my daughters Kylie and Kellie when they were kids.


Tags: love, humor,

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Janet Vick commented:
Your little girls are still proud of this love poem poem for them. You have made me smile. Take care. Janet


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