poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 25, 2017

You see it’s been seventeen years. Since I laughed with u. N just as many years I’ve never really allowed myself to grieve. I miss u and only now do I know why u had to leave.
There's one thing I’ve come to realize. In life there’s ups and downs. Something life is always trying to teach, with every go around. U see when u were alive. I really never understood. What it meant to truly love without limits. Because never did I think you’d ever not be in it.
It’s the anniversary of you death. I've cried so hard I sometimes forget to take a breath. With the tears flowing down my cheeks. I swear my heart feels so weak. 
Then I realized. You are never that far away. Even though I can’t see you. Because it’s all about the sibling love that will always be. In our hearts it will always stay. There’s no love more purer than that of a sister and a brother. There’s none like it. No, not one. That's right. There’s no other. 


Tags: sad, love, deep,


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