poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 25, 2017

Nobody knows the pain that I go thru As I sit here without you. You see? You are the only man for me. Im so glad you came my way. That a tear rolls down my cheek. Even thou its not even been a week. 
When I first saw you. There was a fluttering in my stomach. The butterflies made my knees weak. Please baby when you go. Dont stay away from me too long. I need you. Just as I need air to breathe. 
Joy is all I feel when you’re around. My heart melts when you kiss me. This love I feel for you is true. I know this because. Just the thought of u carries me through. I could just tell you what u wanna hear. But no truth will ever come from there. 


Tags: sad, love, deep,


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