poem by: Tara Marie
Written on Jun 25, 2017

I begin to feel like I did that first day. With dreams in my heart. Just knowing they’ll never be out of reach or go away. I always knew it from the very start.
Whether it be near or far. I'll get in my car n take that ride. Just like the saying goes. Taking time in stride with each second passing by. Because my heart is urs n urs is mine. 

Our love has never been in vain. That's why our feelings. They never will change. Taking each kiss u give. N returning the gesture. Because with u I never felt any pressure. 

We're two peas in a pod. Different but still the same. I'm sweet n ur bad. Because each other is all we want. And all we have.

The years seem like days. N the days seem like seconds. We were always all up in the clouds. No one can ever bring us down. N tell us anything different. Floating on number nine. Feeling so right n feeling fine.

Now that we've been here. After all these years. So happy we still are. Laughing and never having any fears. 

It's our time. Time will always seem to stand still. Youre  my best friend n my lover still.

So baby let's bring this home. N place all our memories to our throne. it's ours n ours alone.


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Ja Ja commented:
Joyous love. Thank you for sharing your feelings.
Robert Kohlhammer commented:
I can imagine a panoramic setting with the journey, in this piece.


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