What Am I To Be Certain?

poem by: Arch Angel
Written on Jun 22, 2017

What Am I To Be Certain?

Gazing upon views of vast beauty
Purity lies in your heart or in my head
Beauty on your face or from my eyes
Bread I ate or on your cheeks
Your voice's like honey or is't my taste
Red may be blood
Or red of lips 
Like blossoming roses of spring
Or bees like I, feed on sweetness thou possess 
Gold of hair or a clue thou are treasure
But for the fact the treasure in you lies pleasure
Is 1+1 truly 2?
But I am certain beauty lies in you.


Tags: happy, love, beat,

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Frank byrne commented:
Yep,....I am certain ........1+1=2.........sorry, but that was the only part of the poem that I understood.......
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Beautiful words Angel, I do think however that there is need for the second last line because the last line is so powerful it needs nothing to detract from that...very well done. Remember to check on "Poetry Soup" many have joined from Pondrin.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Sorry I meant no need.


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