Sonnet for a windy day

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Jun 12, 2017


Across cirrus sky swift brush strokes paint mares' tails
While o'er restless tree tops in anxious susurration,
Trains of cumbrous clouds traverse on vaporous rails
And below, meadow grasses align in wild undulation

Lake surface is whipped to agitated motion
Plumage ruffled, wildfowl navigate with discretion
Gulls now inland tell of vehement storms on ocean
All are braced or cautioned by nature's bare aggression

When young I embraced such fury in any medium
Deplored the concept and sensation of perfect peace
Such state seemed a recipe for endless tedium
Chance and hazard  preferred to slow drawn out release 

While I now sometimes yearn for a brief respite from strife
I aspire to some risk and high winds that give breath to life


Tags: happy, inspirational, imagery,

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Piya Paul Mudgal commented:
WOW. SO beautifully expressed.
Arch Angel commented:
Arch Angel commented:
Christopher Russon commented:
In a word Awesome.
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
I echo WOW! Your poetry is beyond compare. You have found your "brief respite from strife." Your poetry is pleasant to all of your poetic senses. You are a five golden star poet we are very blessed to have you on Pondrin!


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