Hamster Bones

poem by: Theresa Taylor
Written on May 31, 2017

A hamster on crack is spinning a squeaky wheel in my rib cage
It's been running for it's life all day and I can't console the damn thing
This hyperactive fuzzball is going to be the death of me
Nervous creature, afraid of everything!
Especially afraid of losing love
so it scurries faster and faster 
around and around the wheel goes
Centrifugal force finally spinning it out of control
Terrified to admit it can't do everything: dishes, walk the dog, lose the weight, clean the litter box, drink enough water, work 3 jobs, be successful, be beautiful, and be happy
because if it's not everything then it's forgotten
Then it's starving
Then it's nothing
... nothing but skin and bones and beady little lifeless eyes
running to nowhere 
Trapped in the darkness where my heart should be


Tags: sad, depressing, dark, imagery, wishful,

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Robert Kohlhammer commented:
Nice last line, your subject is well observed.


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