The Canecutters Hymn

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Jan 09, 2014

Well the sun is hot,
But we can't stop,
-Swing'n that cane-knife.

It's burn'n our backs,
But we can't relax,
-Swing'n that cane-knife.

I wish I were dead,
There's more cane ahead,
-Swing that cane-knife.

The man said 'have a blow.'
But we all know,
He means, sharpen that cane-knife.

The farmer comes down,
He's got a frown,
Start swing'n that cane-knife.

When the days work is done,
It's time for some fun,
Stop swing'n that cane-knife.

A tub and some grub,
Then it's down to the pub,
Where there ain't no cane-knives.

But before too long,
They're sing'n a song,
And swing'n their cane-knives.


Tags: happy,


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