Let Me Sleep

poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on May 23, 2017

The curtains shall fall, as well as the fading night.
Sleep makes a call, yet preoccupied by peerless sight.
Beneath these empty halls, trickles a ray of light.
The zenith of beauty, the endless darkness of the night.
Behind your black sheets, hides extraordinary wonders.
Set off an odyssey, minds that became drifters.
If I found the secret, grant the wish of stargazers.
Then never shall we become, a pair of awkward strangers.
So promise me my dear, come to me after each day.
Show me what I adore the most, your colors of black and gray.
Let’s glance at each other, endlessly....endlessly.
From your dust we came to your dust we return.... eventually..... eventually


Tags: Deep, Abstract, Rhyme,


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