poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on May 23, 2017


I have here an old solution
For conflict resolution
Not to mention domestic pollution 
I say 'Yes Dear!'

When the situation is tense
And The subject is pounds and pence
To a void sitting on the fence
I say 'Yes Dear!'

Though I sometimes feel sure I'm right
And would argue my point all night
That would really seal my plight
I confess Dear!

So winning my point I'll eschew
Won't debate 'til my face turns blue
I'll admit what you say is true
- More or less Dear

Famous men throughout world history 
Could have escaped conjugal misery
If they'd just given in to Her plea
And said 'Yes Dear!'

Julius Caesar would have stayed serene
In the senate missed a nasty scene
When his wife said 'your chariot needs a clean'
He'd said 'Yes Dear!'

Harold might have continued as king
Sent William home without a thing
But he paused to give his wife a ring -
Said: 'I'm a bit pressed Dear!

MacBeth would avoid so much strife
Live out a peaceful life
If he'd put off his ambitious wife
With :'Give it a rest Dear!'

Prince Albert made a good consort
Gave Victoria his full support
And nine children - a major export
Said 'Jawohl I do mein best Dear!'

Louis 16th got everything wrong
Made his exit quite short, not so long
Told his wife in a touching swan song
'Must get it off my chest Dear!'

The Iron Duke was in no mood for dallies
'Let's give those French a pain in their bellies'
But replied when his wife said:'You'd better wear your wellies' 
'By God! Yes Dear'


For myself, to fight would be absurd
I think conflict is just for the birds
And I know I'll always get the last words
Those being 'Yes Dear!'


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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Spoken by a wise husband, but they also say that behind every great man is a good wife or something like that, I've seen the good and bad behind both philosophies and now I see the humorous side in this poem...well done Geoffrey, love it.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Thanks Cecilia. Of course THEY (not I) also say: "Behind every successful man, there is a woman - telling him he's doing it all wrong!
Christopher Russon commented:
Nice one Geoffrey very humerous poem .I shall take this advice on bored.ha ha.
George Griffiths commented:
As a follower and fan great work
Godfrey Georges commented:
Lol....part of my morning prayers.
Q. Ramirez commented:
This is an exceptional poem. Being from Mexico I tend to be somewhat "machista" and not always agree with my wife. She would definitely agree with your poem. I dare not show this poem to her as she might begin to try to change my way of thinking rather than accept. Truly funny and to a certain extent wisdom to heed.
Raychill Ellisonwonderland commented:
Very cool. Love this truth! thank you!


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