The Writer and The Wallflower

poem by: Julius Brian Cruz
Written on May 21, 2017

The sky painted onyx, as my thoughts convey bigotry.
Belief in fated romance, surmising trivial memory.
The trace of a girl’s countenance, 6 years unforgotten.
If our paths shall cross, allow me to love again.

As whispers of whim, echoes beyond the welkin darkness.
Appear in my thoughts, Visit me in my dreams.
Just like you always do, never miss a day.
Ease the fool’s longing, set his hopes ablaze.

Her gaze that reflects, the brilliance of an evening sky.
Painted beneath her eyes, beautiful ochre dye.
In a world that sees only, imperfection upon their sight.
Her eyes pierced through, and found the moon beneath the night.

So for another time, the writer wrote poetries to the flower.
He hopes once again, finally she will read his letter.
Below the evening twilight, upon the countless wishes to stars.
“Mon amour est a toi pour toujours, ma muraille...”


Tags: love, rhyme, hope, imagery, wishful,

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Roxanne Dubarry commented:
Does your love poetry reflect the deepest part of your lover's heart?


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