The Art of War

poem by: Eli Stovall
Written on May 20, 2017

As human beings
Disagreements arise
Where the submission of our opponent 
Is the ultimate prize
The triumph over 
The one who is wrong
The hall of victors
Is where we belong
But as battles go on
And no victor is found 
It appears never ending 
No lost land or ground
It stops being a disagreement 
And spans shore to shore
We start using bullets
It becomes a war
Others kill others
No compassion amidst 
Never to go home 
To their wife or kids
All that matters is the victor 
Who will carry the crown
And to the opponent 
On whom he'll look down
No matter what death
Through gun or knife
No thought is given
To the cost of a life
So thinking should happen 
Deep down in our core
Human life or victory 
Which one is worth more


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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
But what would/should you do if your home is invaded, your wife raped and your children sold into slavery? Is submission always the answer? Is it better to be 'red than dead' or as solzenitzin said 'brown'? Just asking.
Eli Stovall commented:
You raise a good point, one that I am sure I don't know the answer to, and don't know if I ever will or hope to know. I'm sure that if this were happening to my family I would be doing anything to stop it. I just want to call attention to the way we value the human life and what we do about how we value it.


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