poem by: Paddy Clegg
Written on May 17, 2017

My body remains static as I move with my will
The feeling of motion is akin to a thrill
I employ a power with a touch of grace
To explore my infinite inner space

It’s not as I thought; my vista is vast
I see my future as present and then it is passed
My sense of myself is bigger than me
I see me stretch off eternally

An all-encompassing feeling of calm
Is keeping me safe and far from harm
Danger is present but I won’t be affected
I’m bigger than me and by that am protected

A personal pilgrimage where I hope to find
The path to enlightenment a way to unwind
Floating through me with no set direction
My only task is introspection

I’m not after answers and no questions are asked
Perhaps I’ll find peace and I hope it will last
A moment in time that forever will be
Kept to myself and inside of me


Tags: beat, inspirational, encouraging, wishful,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
You have attained a state that many seek for whole lifetimes. Well done. Embrace it.


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