poem by: Eli Stovall
Written on May 12, 2017

A call rings through the morning air

Flies swiftly through forest plumage

River of sunlight

Slips between branches

Flight from post to post

I see the eyes

Reflected as mirror pools

The endless blue

The everlasting height and creation

Tickle of wind on every fiber

The yourning call to the sky

Heart beat in synch

With every wingstroke

Sunlight a incandescent downpour

Filtered through underbrush 

And leaf

Memory and instinct

A luminescent picture show

Places seen and never to be

Desert and forest clasp hands

Valley and mountain embrace

In the traveling minds manifest


I come closer

To this bird who’s soul 

Is an unimaginable

Gateway to a world of the unknown

And to one that's been clipped

Tethered to the ground

To the bottom of all hope

A yourn for a forsaken reunion with the sky

I see a soul

The wind

The sky

The cage


Tags: metaphor, imagery, wishful,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
A touching beautiful poem of effective imagery. The metaphor makes a good sympathetic point.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
The imagery, the language and the structure all come together to make an excellent read, I really enjoy your work Eli.
Frank byrne commented on Nov 14, 2017 at 4:06pm
Nice poem ..... Birds shouldn't be in cages......


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