The Light

poem by: Eli Stovall
Written on May 12, 2017

In foreign lands where the idea of the prayer to one's religion 

becomes a foreign ideal 

Where gunshots become synonymous with the call to worship and can be heard within one's  kitchen 

Ancient texts create tattered homes among the lives of many wishing for such that heals 

A balancing act of survival and devotion

A cataclysmic wave of emotion makes anger and aggression the only thing that seems logical

But if one were to pause only for a moment

And consider something more philosophical  

Like how maybe we could learn to love instead of fight, and behold

We wouldn't need bullets to tell others who is right

But such ideas are cast to the wind

When battles erupt 

Over whose god will be more holy in the end

But the holy quest to find the heretics only creates holes in homes that hope for happiness

And not corruption 

Of the soul

And of the very being of which they pray and stand for

Hoping to see the glorious day when they can sing and praise without the worry of a gun put to their head

But that is seen is gore

A mutilated massacre of not only the people they love but the ideas to their children they hoped to show more

And yet here we sit

Trying to piece together the media's bombardment of ideas and cultural inefficiencies

The desensitization of the wrongness to what is happening

There must be something we're missing

Or maybe we've already missed it 

Because how could we watch idle while the world here and around us burns

From the fires of the pure and impure ideas

 That we pit 

Against one another in a subconscious battle of wrong and right

Soul and mind lost under the darkness of a eternal night

But we must find the light

If not for ourselves then for those who need a reprieve 

For the chaos that envelops their world 
That has no mercy

And a mind for only greed

Because There is a need

For a soon to be foreign term that has died in the fire but can be found in the ashes

It is peace


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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Don't you think there is a difference between fighting to get your own way, and fighting others who threaten your life to get theirs.
Eli Stovall commented:
Yes, there is a difference. When we fight for what we value it can change how we fight, what we are fighting for, and even if we choose to fight at all. Another query, does that make our fight any more sacred? Does it rid ourselves of the moral dilemma of killing? My point is that whatever we are fighting for, it doesn't change the fact that we are fighting.
Ja Ja commented:
Live and let live. Fight to save. Not to enslave. Thank you for your thoughts


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