Palm Trees

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on May 08, 2017

As dawn child brings a gradual illumination
Among the palms are hints of gentle motion
Their fronds now stir in elegant activation
Like ladies with refinement: a devotion
Their fluent gestures smoothing interaction
Smiles bows and fans precluding all infraction

As day advances so increasing breeze
Brings greater life to trees and single boughs
The movement still of graceful bending ease
But with strength and rhythm in their measures now
Our ladies progress with gallants to advance
The shapes and movements of a courtly dance

With each increase of wind from zephyr to gale
Their motions more excited in reaction
'til branches thrash in protest at the travail
Separated or clinging but defying final fraction
At the end they survive the turmoil remaining whole
And return to condition tranquil and free of toll

Have these trees a collective recall of eight days in history 
They were spread with joyous 'Hosannas!' to welcome a King
But in less than one week did they witness the tragic mystery
When dark tempest enveloped the land, and all hope took wing
Did they thrash and writhe to protest unjust, cruel inequity
Yet, the third day, stand in new hope and beauteous serenity

Palms are not my favourite trees but they have a powerful iconic redolence and in some an elegance of form that can touch the imagination. I started this poem as a simple pastoral description but was led  to an additional slant, as can be seen in the last verse


Tags: happy, inspirational, metaphor, hope,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
You have painted a picture of words that inspire and captivate and bring the scene to life in the mind of the reader, I could picture those palms swaying in a gentle breeze in a lush tropical garden. The variety of this species of trees is amazing, as too is your poem Geoffrey.
Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem Geoffrey. I love Palm Trees.
George Griffiths commented:
Missing out on vital punctuation, although an awesome poem inspired by idea, love it.


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