poem by: Braverman Waltz
Written on May 07, 2017

I forget the darken paper,coverd in blood of poison rum sipping slowly on borrowed night sipping slowly in black attire.cheers to those who lost forgetting remembering time of deliberate shame,never lonely of hearts tearing never banging Inside out, always the slumber of walking talk always the ending of never coming back.oh this dreary of daily pain this icey cold coffin home I steal away again and again I the criminal return,I the life of long lost friends, friends in faces squeezed and bent taut and taught on darken paper cheers tonight bottled dream cheers tonight to wasted scream,I listen in fading by the moon, for stars are all but seen all those paths leading onward distance keeps me here,forever here.goodnight sweet scent of whispered singing goodnight to the fray of hope filled,it's time to wander to silly mrs time to wander to misty mist, sleep again for we must write an adventure taken by day today, enter eyeless created picture,a forgotten I in you.


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Cacho Nuts commented:
Very intense.Awesome.


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