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poem by: Christopher Russon
Written on May 06, 2017

I feel so empty in this lonely world
Just me and a room with a view 
Overlooking parks and shops 
From my towerblock in the sky. 

She has left me all alone
Now i am up here on my own
Why did she have to leave
Where has she gone.?

After the war had ended 
We married we had children 
Watched them laugh and play 
They grew up and moved away.

Oh those holidays by the sea 
Seagulls with their echoing cry 
Now just memories are left for me
Those glory days have past us bye.

Looking at her favourite chair
Waiting for her to speak 
But she's not their
My dear absent friend. 

I am hoping for the phone to ring 
Is there anybody out there
Or am i another forgotten soul
Like so many others on their own.


Tags: sad, love, depressing, pain,

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Frank byrne commented:
Strong poem.......I can feel the atmosphere of those words Chris......hope it's not personal........
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Frank .Not about me but I used to work in Tower blocks and have met people Just like the gentle man in my poem so many like him.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
This is something we all experience in life, and it can very easily lead to depression if we don't find some cause to fill that emptiness, a touching write Chris.
Frank byrne commented:
I've met a few like him also Chris.......those tower blocks built in the 60s, were a living death for many people poem 'All the lonely people,'....was inspired by an old man that I'd met while doing my job...before I retired.."....good poem, I often read good poems many times...
ann parks commented:
A great read and more poignant after the Grenfell disaster.
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Ann.I agree with what you say.


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