Fly the Flag....

poem by: Frank Byrne/Hornby..
Written on Apr 23, 2017

"This wonderful little island of ours,people once called it Great,
But now it's starting to submerge, because it's getting so overweight!
Thousands of immigrants are flooding our shore, 
it seems like the whole world is invited, surely now it's the time to at least halfclose the door,
There has to be a limit, to the amount of people we can take,
everyone can see our NHS is struggling, for goodness sake!
We are now known as "a soft touch," from their homelands they eagerly flee,
many thousands here haven't paid taxes, unlike you and me.
Christians, and Muslims, honestly....will the two cultures ever "blend,"?
So by mixing the different cultures together, is it a new beginning, I really hope it's not the end.
I'm truly not being racist, please you have to believe me,
I'm just so proud to be English!.......millions of my compatriots agree.
So England, reach out for our Emblem, it's not just a Red, and White rag!
Hoist it up high on our Saint George's proud of England's Great Flag."


Tags: happy, rhyme, anger, hope, wishful,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Good for you! Frank. You risk being labelled: a 'racist, xenophobic, bigot' but you have a valid point. Stuff political correctness! (See my poem on PC)
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Thanks for your comment Geoff.......I'm no way any of my " risky labels"...I'm just a very proud ENGLISH man..who expects anyone who comes to my country to respect our way of life, and to live by our laws.....just as I would if I lived in any other country in the world......I would eventually Fly their Flag!.....and integrate with that countries culture....
Cecilia Crasto commented:
It's a sad state of affairs all around the world and I completely understand how you and others feel, well written. Frank why don't you register with Poetry Soup many people from Pondrin are on this site including me, you are guaranteed a reply when you comment on someone's poem, unlike Pondrin which is quite dead haha I'll look out for your first entry.


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