All of above & creation below

poem by: Anna Tate
Written on Apr 21, 2017

I am all of above and below

I am he,  your Lord of heaven above 
I am he,  who gifts you life and love. 
I am my own competitive opposition
I gift you death and cruel acts of precision. 

For I am God,  the sole creator of all
For I am the devil,  to whom my prey will fall. 
I can give you breath,  And a beating heart
& just as easily,  In death I can bring your life's depart 

But unbeknown to man,  
they do not think I am just one and all. 
choosing to believe God as good
And Satan as evil In any bad downfall. 

Through fear of unknown, 
 & what is to eternally be
They choose to believe, 
 if I'm God I'll set their soul free. 

It's those weak and afraid
To believe in the gift I gave to them life
My intentions were for them to gain strength
Only to believe in himself through struggle & strife. 

It's only those manly enough 
To not worry thereafter their death. 
Who live their life in the moment
Enjoying the very meaning of their given breath. 

These are the strong souls 
That appreciate without greed. 
Not living by fear of their actions
In hope for much more in death they plead. 

I admire a strong mind, 
 the almight & bold 
And these are my angels;  
True hearts made of gold. 

Not like these pheasants, 
 who now beg & pray, 
With only thought for himself, 
That in death it will pay. 

   By Anna Sabrina Tate  23/01/2016.


Tags: rhyme, faith,


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