Jackdaw Down

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Apr 19, 2017


As I approached, the the flock of jackdaws which had been grazing
peacefully on the grass burst into a sudden noisy flurry of
motion. It soon became apparent, as the little drama was played
out, that a predatory hawk, a Peregrine Falcon, had targeted
one Jackdaw as its next meal. The falcon had not allowed for the other
Jackdaws who observed the incident.


Response was instant - group survival urge
When one was threatened: all perceived the attack
Each small body driven by adrenalin surge
One jackdaw down but others had his back

Converging to the focus point of threat
Like sharp implosion drawn to cavitation
By one with single purpose to beset
The target of his primal actuation

Outraged squawks and claws contested the incursion
Engaged in the furious chaos of the fray
Then guards and victim exploded in dispersion
Species weaker but united had saved the day

The aggressor, alone to muse his circumvention 
Took position high, looked down with pensive eyes
And planned his next campaign, no alternate intention
The outcome must be another's or his own demise

So ought we to take sides, defend the hunted
And thus deprive the hunter of his life
And cause the laws of nature to be blunted
Take god-like power; eliminate all strife?

While emotionally Inclined to protect a victim
I question my own instinct and popular dictum
By all means let's prevent unnecessary pain
But let Mother Nature rule her own domain


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Cecilia Crasto commented:
The last line says it all, she does indeed rule supreme, extraordinary imagery and a truly inspiring poem Geoffrey...brilliant on so many levels.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Thank you Cecilia. When writing this poem, I was reminded of your lovely poem 'To the rescue', which puts a different slant on our interaction with nature; and one with which I have much sympathy.


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