The Ardingly Jackdaws

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Apr 17, 2017

I have observed that Jackdaws, smallest of the crow family, seem to favour the old established British residential schools with their well tended lawns and playing fields. I hesitate to infer that their selectivity is related to class awareness.

The jackdaws know from prudent aviation
As they scan the land for real estate that's prime
In touch with best of value in location
The venerable old schools pass test of time
While feral doves and hawks migrate to city
Where humanity's detritus scatters wide
With copious pickings putrefied and gritty
The jackdaws, more selective, have their pride
Choosing well kept lawns and sports fields to supply
A table that's both generous and refined
Then from above look down with corvine eye
On a land that nourishes body soul and mind
Like others who discern a deep heart's cry
Their instinct calls them back to Ardingly*

* [Rhymes with 'fly, try and dry]


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Christopher Russon commented:
I find this poem very interesting.never realised that Jackdaws where in the crow family. Lovely poem Geoffrey.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
They are certainly selective, and have very good taste in all things as I have discovered much to my dismay. Your powers of observation are exceptional Geoffrey, and not many would come up with a brilliant poem about this creature, so full marks to you.


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