Hold Me.....

poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Apr 16, 2017

"I know one thing that is certain to put a smile upon your face,
is to hold a loved one really close, in a tight, loving embrace,
and if you do it quite often, it becomes just like a drug,
it really is amazing, the power of a hug.
Whether in glad times, or even sad times, when arms warmly enfold you,
the feeling is so special, as the energy flows through you.
Also in times of forgiveness, please swallow your pride,
just hold out your arms, you will feel so good inside.
Honestly, there's no other feeling quite like it, so don't be a mug,
go on, hold out your arms, just give someone a big hug!"


Tags: happy, love, rhyme, encouraging,

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Raychill Ellisonwonderland commented:
I certainly agree!
Christopher Russon commented:
Nothing better than a hug.Nice poem.
Frank byrne commented:
Thank you both........👍🏻✌️...Raychill, ...Chris..


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