poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Mar 26, 2017

"Do not be shy, do not be afraid,
don't ever be embarrassed to ask me for aid.
Do not feel silly, because you are a man,
just make the time to ask, and l will do all that I can.
Please swallow your pride, then whisper the word,
no matter how quietly you say it, it will certainly be heard,
you may not hear my reply, but please don't despair,
have faith when you ask me, I will always be there.
You must unburden your soul, share the troubles in your mind,
if you don't seek an answer, you never ever will find.
When your body feels weak, I will be a supporting rod, 
Slowly close your eyes, gently bow your head,
then ask forgiveness.....from your God."


Tags: love, faith, inspirational, encouraging,

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Summer Duncan commented:
Thank you
Christopher Russon commented:
Heartfelt poem Frank very encouraging.
Frank byrne commented:
Summer....Chris...thanks for reading...👍🏻


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