Grammar Series - The Preposition

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Mar 17, 2017


The preposition is a peculiar case
No use on its own by itself with no function
It needs an attachment to have any place
Alone it would decease, be due extreme unction

Now some words may act without others at hand
Such as Nouns as a labels and verbs as imperatives
E.g. LADIES or GENTLEMEN and Sit! or Stand!
Independent with neither associates nor relatives

But the preposition needs some things to relate
To connect the verb with a noun, phrase or clause
To bring them together unite and collate
In that it has a noble cause

In days of old when they spoke in tongues classical
The use of the preposition they would scorn
They had case endings for same purpose grammatical
So you could even say it need never have been born

But while you don't need 'to', 'of' or 'by' or 'with 
When you've dative, genitive and ablative
Old prep does the job, should have respect accorded
And it brings words together so for that should be lauded


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme,

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Maria Williams commented:
Thanks for that Geoffrey - strange how we just use prepositions all the time but take them for granted


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