Just Love Please

poem by: Janet Vick
Written on Jan 02, 2014

I don’t want diamonds, frills and mush
nor exotic foods from the store.
I’m country simple, like it more
while playing with colors and brush.

Old tires become bright painted art,
wood stumps, faces cheery and gay.
Rusty old fence coated in gray
welcomes all with joy in my heart.

Save time, give to others my friends.
Come visit, its love we can share.
Donate what you’d spend, but beware...
Heaven’s road of love never ends.

Redondilla form


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Peter Duggan commented:
Nice poem Janet, giving some very wise advice to those who would read. I liked this poem a lot...Peter
Janet Vick commented:
Thank Peter. Greatly appreciate your comment. Take care. Janet
greg woods commented:
Very nice Janet
Christopher Russon commented:
I really enjoyed this poem.the simplicity of life. Good advice.Deep poem.my poems are simple to read.


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