Sonnet for Rainman

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Mar 16, 2017


What is art? Is a question subject of much conjecture
And one musical part has had simple response laid on it
While the general subject is suited to academic lecture
For Jazz (or all art) - "If you has to ask? Lady you ain't got it"
Characters of fiction aesthetically please, seen on stage or film
But there are those who in life write a script, create such persona
That we're moved, delighted by their presence in reality's realm
With lives of rich texture and form whether in London or Verona
There's one who's being has enhanced many a location
Who with wit, style and verbal finesse played a role to ignite on
As he moved through his chosen media of news and education
Made such mark that in time became legend and an icon
It is  'Rainman' , 'Mr Roy' we laud for playing such a part
That we perceive his life as a tangible work of art.


Tags: happy, humor, inspirational, encouraging,

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Arch Angel commented:
Art truly is amazing. Excellent.
Christopher Russon commented:
A well written poem Geoffrey nice use of words.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Written with style and finesse, which is something we have come to expect from you.
Dean Delfer commented:
Somewhat mysterious to me, it's true.
Dean Delfer commented:
Somewhat mysterious to me, it's true. I don't know who 'Rainman' is. But still fascinated by the descriptive style.


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