Dreaming Deep

poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Mar 10, 2017

Dreaming Deep

Feb 28,  2017• By daniel miltz •

A poet's decision, a peaceful vision   
I purr in sleep whisper
Sparkling in tinkle winkle
I fine in wistful shine
My dreams in prone schemes

Dreams sheer on, by night delight
Mind lookin' to da' pie in the sky 
For wistful, prayer in the air
Supine I am, deep in peep sleep
Keepin' utopian dream to extreme 

Nomadic musing sifting 'n drifting 
In space of a silent place
Stargaze embrace on a lonely face 
Having forty wink in slumber be·think 
Relaxing to the snore of a heavenly explore

Dreaming deep end; resting in the fog's nesting
Sleeping while clouds weeping
Imaginings under wild blue yonder
Witching hour itching 'n pitching
I keep on a dreaming in deep sleep


Tags: inspirational, deep, encouraging, imagery, wishful,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Here is another if your poems who's form and meter intrigue me - together with the sensual use of words, fitting with the images they convey. The way the words flow makes me wonder whether they, or the thoughts are the driving force.
Daniel Miltz commented:
Thoughts are the driving force. My main impetus: Fantasy Producer. It's the prime mover. In the lovely sense.
Daniel Miltz commented:
I tag it...'inspirational, deep, encouraging, imagery, wishful,'
Christopher Russon commented:
A really lovely poem Daniel.


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