Winter Chuckle

poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Mar 10, 2017

Winter Chuckle

Mar 6,  2017• By daniel miltz •

A rasping geyser blushes fantastically 
Scratching nearby fountain crystals phenomenally 
Raging in blazing triumph and snicker
Shining 'n giggling in defined flicker

Whilst falling winter laughs merrily 
Into the cold brisk air trot, blithely
Nature breathes in accolade honor
That bluster in the wind wander

Evening time shines from moon far away
Stars open for light beams display
As the night rotates in silent recess
Tis' the season ascends in razzle-dazzleness
Winter chuckles, wickedly into the flutter
A snowy blast now cries in bright white clutter 
And daylight blows 'n boast with glory planted
That gloat in the wind, as I watch enchanted


Tags: happy, faith, encouraging, imagery, wishful,

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Nicho Mose commented:
gorgeous imagism


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