Phoney Baloney

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Mar 09, 2017


They said:
"We've come here from head office, to help you reach your quota 
It's a selfless act on our part and we're going to devote a
Day or two to set you right and get things under control"
I thought:
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

She said:
"This new law will be wonderful if we can only get it passed
Then we'll find out what is in it that makes it such a blast
It's far too complicated for the likes of you poor souls"
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

The President was so clever he'd make fundamental change
Transform his 'evil' country redistribute, rearrange
Take from those who had succeeded, hand it all out in a dole
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

It was spread across front pages, it was broadcast on the wind
One week later on the back page in small print was the rescind
If we accept it all then maybe we'll believe anything we're told
Though it's
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

Galileo had a problem in reporting what he saw
Church had faith that it knew better, and those days controlled the law
Signor Galilei was persuaded his integrity had to fold
Gave in to:
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

Man-made Climate change now dogma we must not question nor belie
'Debate is over! close down research! it is heresy to deny'
If that's what we now call science, we've caught an intellectual cold
For it's
"Phoney baloney, plastic banana, good time rock-n-roll"

So have care with what's accepted and what 'everybody knows'
Observe and make your own judgement; don't fear majority to oppose
Be an 'Enemy of the people' * should integrity lead there; don't condole
"P B P B G T R & R"

[The PBPBGTR&R refrain in these verses was inspired by the great Rush Limbaugh who tickled my auditory synapses with its use.]

* Ref. Ibsen's play


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme, beat,

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John Pegg commented:
A great topic and a very good poem. You are is so difficult to decide what is fact and what is fiction with so called experts often giving conflicting opinion. We are becoming more and more brain-washed by politicians and the media and I'm beginning to have some sympathy for some of these conspiracy theories. It's very difficult to tell who is pulling the strings nowadays!
Cecilia Crasto commented:
That is very clever indeed- political correctness, climate change, it's all brain washing and many people succumb, I think it's better not to watch the news, it's all doom and gloom... very well written Geoffrey.
A previous user commented:
Very good poem. We are bullied into not speaking up for ourselves. Abusive people don't like free thinkers.
Nicho Mose commented:
aka - the games that people play...with their "smiling faces" write on
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Thank you folks. I am gratified that others share my view.
Arch Angel commented:
I'm perplexed by the repetitive usage of "PBPBGTR&R".
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
God comment.I'm always happy to explain. The repeated PBPBGTR&R is a 'refrain' - defined in Webster as : a phrase or verse that is repeated regularly in a poem or song : a comment or statement that is often repeated. The meaning of the repeated comment is : not genuine or real: as a (1) : intended to deceive or mislead (2) : intended to defraud : counterfeit b : arousing suspicion : probably dishonest <something phony about the story> c : having no basis in fact : fictitious <phony publicity stories> d : false, sham [Webster again] Thirdly: I like the sound (euphony) [I advise the use of a good dictionary to get clarification] That ends my lesson for today!
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Of course I meant "Good comment" I'm not that conceited.
Maria Williams commented:
Haha, I just love this, the "Bureaucratic inefficiency " that we have encountered in our business in the last ten years has been unbelievable. I very much can identify with your wonderful poem.
Maria Williams commented:
At the end of the day Bureaucracy will make the 'Possible - Impossible - One just has to look for that loop hole - Once found it confuses the conditioning 'Pen Pusher' - been there and done it over the last ten year, parrying bureaucratic and lies and thrusts successfully.


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