Sea around the lighthouse.

poem by: Christopher Russon
Written on Mar 08, 2017

I am a lighthouse
Wide and tall
The sea so fierce
Against my walls.

The night so dark
With stormy winds
I am a lighthouse 
Weathering everything.

My keeper now is safe inside
whisky neat by a nice warm fire
Unaware of the coming tide
He falls asleep the waves rise higher.

Tomorrow brings another day
And the sea will stay quite calm
The keeper will leave and go his way
But I will stay unharmed.


Tags: happy, rhyme, inspirational,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Lovely inspirational poem, how nice to be so safe, warm and protected...very good Christopher.
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Nice poem brought the lighthouse to life!......clever.....
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Cecilia and Frank. I really like lighthouses and facsinated with the sea.sorry if my spelling is not all that good It's not my strongest point.
Nicho Mose commented:
beautiful imagery, a portrait of words
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Nicho for your comment.
A previous user commented:
Yes! Lighthouses are very cool. A big commitment. I hate to see them disappear. Good poem
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Ellen I love lighthouses I would love to stay in one overnight .
Maria Williams commented:
What a wonderful picture you've created here. I also love lighthouses.
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you Maria people spend holidays in lighthouses these days so l am told.
Piya Paul Mudgal commented:
You have that power to transport people to your world of imagination. I felt I was there watching this lighthouse. For a moment I was it..
Piya Paul Mudgal commented:
Sometimes I was the sea, and next moment I was the one inside, taking shelter in my mighty abode.
Christopher Russon commented:
Thank you so much for your comment.some light houses are just like living rooms And have all the comforts of modern day living.others are not even occupied.
Taha Hassan commented on Oct 24, 2017 at 11:40am
I have a certain attraction towards lighthouses and the philosophy that revolves around these pillars of guidance. Your poem is very nice and reflects a small but beautiful aspect of the philosophy. Much liked. -T


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