Beetling Effigy

poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Mar 05, 2017

Beetling Effigy

{Free Verse}
Nov 5,  2015• By daniel miltz •

Away in Mexican Isla de las Muñecas- spirits sway
Into the sobbing island green terrain domain
Wherever, I extend my eye high
I discover those hanging dolls clanging
As though actuating me queerly
To acknowledge something hairy 'n scary
In their eyeballs dim still 'n chill  
Covered in destroyed limbs 'n skins
Strung up in the air, overhanging 'n swaying
In creepy, spooky, ghastly, scary



Tags: depressing, dark, imagery, fear, weird,

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Maria Williams commented:
Scary stuff, but nothing like a good scare to fire the imagination. Well penned.


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