The Three Stooges

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Mar 04, 2017


With their lunatic style of slapstick
These old favourites made their mark
Bangs on head, eye pokes and arse kicks
Were transformed to works of art

But it's not of this trio I speak
Three more egregious, my aim
On these your attention I seek

Undesirables of the emotions
With pretence that your life they will serve
If for living this life you've devotion
Treat them with the mistrust they deserve


SHAME - the one least deserving disdain
The one who gets head bashed and eyes poked
Only loons never feel guilty pain
Without wishing their sins be revoked

With no shame at our dastardly deed
We would surely be heartless and brazen
Not to feel some repentance, fault concede
But don't drown in self immolation


REGRET is a stooge insidious
A crime with no victim but self
Curbing soul in a manner perfidious 
Life on a hold, and you on the shelf

Have a few, perhaps 'too few to mention'
You mis-spoke? Well by all means retract words
But avoid a total suspension
And don't spend your life looking backwards


Then BLAME, there's the killer, life dumbing
Though it may give relief and brief feel-good
To beat up some rat who had it coming
But move on! Don't descend into victimhood

The problem with indulging in blame
It makes another the cause and you the effected
Paint yourself in a victim's frame
Can you then be the source for life corrected?


Tags: humor, inspirational, encouraging,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
I have a tendency to blame myself even when I'm not to blame, so I do take inspiration from your wise words, as always Geoffrey you say it as it is, and you say it so very well.
Maria Williams commented:
inspirational Geoffrey, yes we do get carried away sometimes and tend to blame others, but one must look at the situation properly next time, and see if some of that blame might be unfounded. Thanks for great advice poetically put.
Nicho Mose commented:
Words of wisdom
Darryl Ashton commented:
Hello Sir. Thanks for your comment on my poem. As you may know here's a lot of anger and hatred in the world today. I just write my satire poems. I have also sold a lot of books in America. And I am very proud to say the office of Donald Trump in Florida, USA actually bought copies of my poem books. I wish you well. Keep writing as I intend doing. Best Wishes to you.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Touché Darryl Thanks to Cecilia, Maria and Nicho for your kind comments on my poem


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