poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Feb 25, 2017


Feb 23,  2017• By daniel miltz •

Speedier than lickety-split
Ready to jump tall structures in a hit
More powerful than an electric bolt 
In a solitary bounding jolt

Look up in the sky! 
It's a creature, lowly flying high
Think, it's a robot, I admit 
Hmm, what is it?

Our own selves underneath, the vapid worn-out drapes 
Hallucinogenic lights enlightening our shapes
Howbeit, the quiet mumble, hereupon
And the hum buzz wavering, of hanger-on 

Murmuring about outside within sight
Their sharp edges cutting the night 
It employs a spying eye 
Every which way of the sky 

By itself/oneself freaking out 
Not realizing what could be about 
All by one's lonesome, can't unwind at all 
The observation in awe 'n appall

Tis' gathering data on- I for one and you 
It's looking at all that we do 
Why goodness- gracious, I bemoan 
Why Yes! It's a DRONE!...


Tags: rhyme, pain, imagery, fear,


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