Diamonds on the grass

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Feb 24, 2017


This morning there were diamonds on the grass
Spreading across the field their bling and glitter
Look away and in an instant they would pass
These jewels had no price, no use in barter

Unlike the other gems so called 'for ever'
Forged deep inside the earth's fiery mantle
This morning's transient treasures had source more measured
But both follow sequence of create, survive, dismantle

Those carbon crystals outlive one human's span
Yet in the greater scheme won't be eternal
Look away; some day they'll pass no matter the plan
In the wheel of creation, cosmic or diurnal

But fear-not the dark side of the goddess Kali
As she monitors both aspects of life's cycle
Massive mountains come and go even great Dinali
To be re-created in patterns archetypal

Therefore let us participate on the side of creation
In this we can drive time forward through our endeavour 
Maybe only we(?) as promethean spirits in higher elevation
Can in truth be deemed eternal and forever

Thus if we can accept the power we wield
Confess our part then it may come to pass
When dawn breaks and the sun lights up the field
We shall again see diamonds on the grass


Tags: happy, inspirational, metaphor, deep,

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Christopher Russon commented:
I really like this poem Geoffrey you have away with putting words together In a poetic manner.some thing I wish I could do.
Geoffrey Brewer commented:
Thank you Christopher. As for putting words together in a poetic manner: I think you can and do, my friend.
Maria Williams commented:
We can draw great examples from nature around us and you Geoffrey are but a true Nature lover. I feel the dew, I see them glistening on the grass, I see your diamonds that are works of art, but behind it all your analogy conjures up the true humans mission - we are creators of destiny - if only people realized that it's all in their hands as you point out in this wonderful poem of art
Cecilia Crasto commented:
What a wonderful title for a poem Geoffrey, I completely agree with Christopher and Maria, and yes it is in our power to be responsible caretakers of the land, and leave it in good shape for the ones to come. You are a great talent and an asset to this site.
Robert Kohlhammer commented:
Hints of progressive rock, I can hear summer music with it.


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