Born in a drought

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 30, 2013

GOD ALMIGHTY! How can a man be bloodywell spiritual,
in a hot, burnt place like this?
Jesus Christ it's hot!
No wonder a man hits the piss.

Fences to mend, cattle to brand,
and these stinking rotten flies.
Everything in this country,
just withers up and dies.

And God, where IS God?
When a man needs him most.
If he were here now,
we could replace that strainer post.

Pray to God, people tellya,
and then you'll get your rain.
All my life's work,
has just gone down the drain.

It's the kids I think of most,
if there is a God that's real.
You've got kids of your own,
so you know how I feel.

I've never prayed in me life,
though I've cursed and swore a lot.
But all for good reason,
Jesus Christ it's hot!

And you won't get me pray'n either,
cause you don't even exist.
I'll just kneel down to tie my lace,
if I can unclench my fists.

It might look like I'm pray'n - But I'm Not!
I'm ty'n up me boot.
If anyone comes along,
I'll look like a real galoot.

But no-ones silly enough to be way out here,
just me and that broken down fence.
But please if you can just help my children, 
I promise I'll use some sense.

My hands are torn and blistered,
my backbone is just about done.
But the kids aint done nothin wrong,
they deserve a better run.

And this will all be theirs one day,
my intentions God, were good.
So if you're there, please help me,
and my children if you could.

It's gett'n dark, hang on, well I'll be!
A spit of rain!
By gee it's really clos'n in,
I'd better get home again.

These creeks can flood in an hour,
I'd be stranded here for days.
This old landcruiser's tough but she can't swim,
and neither can I anyways.

Ah! there's the homestead, looks good in the rain,
glistening just like new.
The kids are going crazy,
they'll all end up with the flu.

Come inside, change your clothes,
and get ready for your tea.
We've got a visitor tonight,
He's here now with you and me.

I'll tell you all about it,
if you promise not to laugh.
I tried a little experiment today,
beside the carcass of the cow and calf.

I'd never have believed, if I hadn't tried,
but I prayed to God today.
So kids I'd like you to say your prayers,
and maybe change your ways.

Well the strangest thing they told him then,
and boy, what a sensation.
They all prayed today as well,
at different parts of the station. 




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Janet Vick commented:
Enjoyed this tale and He was listening to your prayers. He was getting you ready to accept His help. take care. Janet


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