A Poet's Dilemma

poem by: Cecilia Crasto
Written on Feb 24, 2017

To my distress and to others delight
I awoke to find that I couldn't write
My thoughts all gone like birds in flight
Woe is me in my miserable plight
Am I doomed to sit and stare at the clock
It has it's purpose to tick and tock
I've derided others with this affliction
Viewed with contempt their silly addiction
To penning poetry the rhyme the verse
Now I've been struck with a similar curse
How then shall I pass my hours of leisure
My writing does give a degree of pleasure
Gossip with neighbors is not my scene
Face book I consider to be shallow and mean
Could this be the onset of early dementia
I've done the crosswords so I'm not to censure
There is no advantage to an empty mind
For Satan will come our work to find
Thoughts and feelings compel us to write
Hope mine return from their nocturnal flight.


Tags: humor, rhyme, depressing,

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Geoffrey Brewer commented:
May your inspiration return soon, as I'm sure it will. Your contributions are too valuable to cease.
Arch Angel commented:
You ran out of ideas but you didn't. How creative!!!
Christopher Russon commented:
This is a really well written poem Cecilia you are are a very talented writer. Writers block affects most poets .I agree with Geoffrey and Arch Angel you are valuable And very creative.
Ja Ja commented:
No brain cramp here. Well written and enjoyed. Thanks.
Maria Williams commented:
What a great poem, Cecilia you think in rhyme, so you never have to worry about "poets block"I really love your style.
Cecilia Crasto commented:
Thank you all for these kind words, the grey matter is starting to kick in or is the white?
Frank byrne/Hornby.. commented:
Hahaha..nice one Cecilia...even when you thought you couldn't write anymore.....Hey presto!..you came up with a fun poem...you are too talented not to.....can't wait for your next one!..
Ashok Pokharel commented:
Thanks for early demantia alert! Let us be poetic!! Amazing!!!
Paris Marceau commented:
I love this. Very well written! Good humour too.
Edward shields commented:
Good way to get over writers block, by writing a great poem.
Roxanne Dubarry commented:
Cecilia, I think I understand what you are going through. No, I don't believe you have dementia. Writer's block is when the words fail to come into life. Your mind is far from empty. We both believe in Jesus Christ, he is our source of inspiration! God be with you and your loved ones too! John 3:16-18.


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