They Laughed

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 30, 2013

For when he danced on the hill,
- - - They laughed!

For when he cried by the river,
- - - They laughed!

They drove him  deep into himself,
far deeper than he had ever been.
- - - And they laughed!

He became very solemn, for he dared not laugh.
As he may harm others just as he had been harmed by laughter.
- - - And they laughed at this!

HE fought his way back, regaining his strength.
Bit by bit, and each bit -
- - - They laughed!

He regained his poise and posture,
- - - but they laughed!

He became successful, joyful and innocent toward them,
and he helped them.
- - - And they cried!



Tags: inspirational, encouraging, hope,

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Peter Duggan commented:
I really liked this poem, Everybody pushes out the guy who is different in any way. But when he does something wonderful their guilt overpowers. them. great words....peter
Janet Vick commented:
So many will belittle someone over and over because they can, then when the table is turned and that person can actually help the one who belittled them, the guilt trip is tremendous. You certainly capture the reader with this one. Take care. Janet


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