Poet Inspire

poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Feb 21, 2017

Poet Inspire

Feb 21,  2017• By daniel miltz •

Walking, thinking, in the mist eye
At the same time as entrancing under the sky
Shadow of vapors, aching in breathless foggy
Wavering restlessly, fading chalky

Running thoughts among the trees
Along the shrouded streaked hillside breeze
Live oak twists, black arms above me 
Free from thorn of the leaves tepee

I' all by one's lonesome- walkin' through 
The shadow fiend of dimness preview
Peasouper unearthly eerie 
Stir, stir! A poet's inspirational ditty


Tags: rhyme, inspirational, deep, imagery, wishful,

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Arch Angel commented:
There are confusing sequence of words that makes sense IF rearranged.
Christopher Russon commented:
Very nice poem with depth


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