On the subject of love

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 29, 2013

And what of the subject of love?
Can we hide it, can we ignore it, can we deny it?
Can we REALLY break a heart?
And what of the person who's heart has been broken?
Can love once again start.

Questions-always questions,
concerning the mind of the lover.
Love is such a magical energy,
all are trying to discover.

We say we love that and we say we love this,
but does the same energy appear,
as when receiving a hug or kiss?
And when that kiss is denied,
and given to another.
Is this sadness also love,
as we grieve for our lover?

What of the confusion,
the anger that comes and goes.
Surly we can't compare this and the petals of a rose.

We say that love had died,
our hearts are broken in two.
We've been hurt and betrayed,
and it's all because of you.
What was once magic,
has been turned into madness.
All seems so tragic,
down in the depths of sadness.

But love-what of love?
Can it really disappear?
Or is the choice to keep loving,
what we really fear?
A relationship started on love,
can be ended on love as well.
The choice is always there,
the choice of forgiveness or hell.

Just as the choice was there,
to join this person on love.
And each tried to handle the lessons,
handed down from above.

In truth you don't hate this person,
who seemingly broke your heart.
The truth is - you still love them,
and fear begins to start.

For fear is an open door,
through which anything may enter.
Anger, confusion, sadness,
failure at it's centre.

So maybe the final test,
of two lovers who may part.
Is to pass through this fear,
And love each other with all their heart.

note: I wrote this following a mutual relationship breakup
where bitterness was being created simply as a reason for the break, when there was no need to. Hate can be created in fear of still loving the person.  


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Freesa Khan commented:
Omg I totally get this poem! It's difficult to admit to yourself that what you really feel as oppose to what is shown. Especially since you know it may never be.
Peter Duggan commented:
I loved your poem. Love is usually a You scratch my back I'll scratch yours, kind of thing, But real love is completely unconditional and is till forever. I like your poetry my friend....peter
Daniel Voges commented:
I like this poem. Love can invoke all emotion that lies within us all.


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