Grammar Series - The Articles

poem by: Geoffrey Brewer
Written on Feb 20, 2017


In the field of physics and chemistry
Out of every jot and tittle 
The atom was smallest there could be
It was so very little

But we found a way to split it
Now that we are so much wiser
Even tinier bits emitted
It was just an appetiser

[Some think e=mc squared 
Would be better left unknown
But once it had been bared
We just could not leave it alone]

Now if the parts of language we list
Then the smallest bit or particle
(And I'm finally getting to my gist)
- has got to be the article

In China they're more spectacular
A different one for every noun
But in the English vernacular
We've just two to cast around

There's the precise and proper DEFINITE
With that you know where you are bound
But with the INDEFINITE there's a deficit
Of precision; you're are on shaky ground

We could split them up a little more
With linguistic synchro cyclotron
Create articles galore
And double our national lexicon

Still I'm happy to tell you A truth
Since, to choose from, there'll be a lot
But to tell THE  truth in sooth
That would put me on the spot

So take care in using these words
Though they seem so small like a crumb
Trivial, trifling and for the birds
Used wrong they'll peck you on the bum


Tags: happy, humor, rhyme,

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Cecilia Crasto commented:
Oh Geoffrey you've got me giggling again, the last line is hilarious, when an academic incorporates humor in his poetry it is just brilliant!!
Maria Williams commented:
Brilliant like always. I've got a backyard that attracts all sorts of birds, guess I had better watch out.


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