Moonlight Magic

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 28, 2013

The ghostly night of the country,
so still and safe. 
The moon so full and clear,
spreads its safety net.
It makes no-one poor, no-one rich, but everyone equal,
everything equal.

There is no time, no sound,
all are awake in pretended sleep.
All are enjoying their right,
to stay awake.
Before the day comes and takes their peace.

If a voice be heard,
it is soft and distant.
All respect the bathing peace,
there is no fear, only peace.
Wishes are made,
and dreams are expressed without fear.

A moonlight night.
My dreams have been temporarily shattered or stolen,
for dreams cannot be truly stolen.
The wise do dream,
and the weak try to shatter and steal.
But it is only temporary.

Do not be dismayed,
for your dreams cannot be stolen, only delayed.
He who is living with stolen dreams,
is living a lie.
For the dream will always belong to the dreamer,
and will wander home one day.

Much to the dismay of the thief,
who knows not the functions of creation.
Nor the mechanics of anything true.

When the thief realises that he cannot steal,
he will beg.
He will beg you for your dreams,
to be part of them.
But alas!, he is of no use,
for he cannot add any goodness to them.
Only destroy and shatter and steal.

In the calm of this night,
I let go and say goodbye.
To the dream shatterers.
I reclaim my dreams and aims, 
and rejoice in abundance and prosperity.
I welcome my friends,------The Dreamers. 


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Tonya Fischer commented:
This is a lovely poem Greg ,you have to ponder the words and thoughtfuly consider it all Your play on words is very nice
Daniel Voges commented:
This is very nice. I can feel this poem as I read it. well done Greg.


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