Diamonds of Truth and Nuggets of Life

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 28, 2013

Never can gold be found lying amongst gold,
but beneath rubble.
It is the same with truth.
As we search for precious gems,
we must also search for truth.
Truth is the most precious thing to man.
And all he has to do is shift some rubble to find it.

Yet many seem to treasure the rubble,
and go through life tossing pebbles at one or other.
What a shame when the gold nuggets of life can go unnoticed.
The diamonds of truth can lay scattered behind some-ones life trail untouched, glittering with brilliance,
just waiting to be discovered.
And instead walk around with their pockets full of rubble.

Empty out your pockets and go searching,
find the diamonds that are meant for you.
Find them one by one for one leads to another.
Look at them, bless them, and thank God that you found them.
Hold them to your heart, and then put them one by one into your pockets, for they are yours.
And they are yours to share.
Share their beauty with others so they too may go in search of diamonds and nuggets.
Diamonds of Truth and Gold Nuggets of Life.


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George McLaren commented:
what a beautiful poem, Greg. Thank you. George.


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