Creating Our Future

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 28, 2013

The next time before you say, " well wouldn't it rootya,"
just stop and remember, you are creating your own future.

We curse at this and curse at that,
with 'fuck a duck' or 'skin a cat'.

We say such things and don't stop to think,
like 'shit a brick' or 'strike me pink'.

'Fuck me dead' was pretty common,
now AIDS is here to confirm this omen.

Some of us say we will one day make a mint,
does the sauce on the lamb give you a hint?

All of the things you hear and say as a child,
no wonder the in-between years, are mixed up and wild.

'I hate your guts', was a way to get even,
and now we get sick to the stomach when someone's leave'n.

Recall these things and change them right now,
or 'be a monkeys uncle' or a 'silly old cow'. 


Tags: humor, inspirational,


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