Spring Coming

poem by: Daniel Miltz
Written on Feb 17, 2017

Spring Coming

Feb 16,  2017• By daniel miltz •

Everything arouses in spring
Horde of tones are shown 
Numerous things abound and sling
Bringing start of new season foreknown
That replaces winter with life testosterone 

March winds and April showers
Many plants yearn blossoming
Bring forth May flowers
While bugs liking to humming 
In a journey to proliferate their becoming

Butterflies are gonna be fluttering unhid 
Birds of a feather will hanker together 'n play
Winged creatures, singing glad tunes amid 
In brilliant day and evening gray
Thus, it'll be a ballerina of a color bouquet


Tags: happy, inspirational, encouraging, imagery, wishful,

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Arch Angel commented:
Christopher Russon commented:
A really well written poem.
Frank byrne commented:
"A ballerina of a Color bouquet,"...... a brilliant definition Daniel......nice poem..


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