poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 27, 2013

Today I found an old poem, in a draw where it had been thrown.
That poem had been written by no other,
than a wonderful caring Mother.

Her humour I had forgotten, I am sorry to say.
But the love and humour came flooding back,
when I read that poem today.

Greif had deceived me, taking the good times away.
Those good times were here again,
when I found that poem today.

I could see that I was a diamond, in her loving eyes.
If I'd had a better memory, 
I wouldn't have been surprised.

For she tried so hard to show me, in her own sort of way.
That I was someone special,
and meant something to her day.


Tags: love, anger, depressing, deep, hate,

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Freesa Khan commented:
Wow, what a beautiful love!
Frank byrne commented:
Lovely poem mum also put me high on a pedestal........that I didn't think I deserved.......that's what mums do..


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