Magic Moments..

poem by: Frank Byrne
Written on Feb 16, 2017

"Here I go again, turning back the crumpled pages of my time,
to a chapter way back in the '60s, I was seventeen, a young lad in my prime,
1966 to be exact, the Beatles are really big, I'd grown myself a "moptop",
I didn't need a wig. In '63 Everton were Champions, and had now just won the FA cup,
no team compared to the "school of science," things were definitely looking up.
Then England won the Jules Rimet, my head was in a whirl, just when I thought 
it couldn't get any better, Wow! I met the perfect girl!
What had I done to deserve all this? It was a fantastic year in my life,
then when the decade was finally over, Mary became my lovely wife.
The '60s were such a brilliant time for me, magic moments in so many ways,
I often sit here quietly in my chair, recalling those very special days."


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Christopher Russon commented:
Lovely poem they where the years for me The sixties.Lovely times. The hunters moon pub on the Bromford estate my hunting ground.happy days. Never to return.
Frank byrne commented:
Great times eh, Chris........thanks for the nice comment mate!.......close your eyes...go back in time....I'll come down from Liverpool, and buy you a pint in the hunters!....cheers!..
Janet Vick commented on Nov 14, 2017 at 8:56pm
I remember the 60's very well with the Ed Sullivan TV show, the Beatles and Elvis movies... the only movie my parents would take us to see. Enjoyed reading about your 60's. Take care. Janet


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