Aussie Dawn

poem by: Greg Woods
Written on Dec 27, 2013

I shiver at the cold, and wonder at the beauty.
As the sun kisses the earth, life starts its duties.
A rustle in the grass, the shaking of a tree.
The first sounds of the birds, when it's light enough to see.

The dew is sparkling, clear and cold on the ground.
A butterfly quietly exercising, ready to do its rounds.
A light crisp breeze refreshes the tired feeling.
Must be pigs down in the creek, the young ones are grunting and squealing.

I savour the morning freshness, what a wonderful time of day.
When man and animal are equal, you can almost here them say G'day.
The distant thumping sound of a wallaby, as he heads down for his morning drink.
The most beautiful thing ever witnessed, would have to be a morning in the bush I think.


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Paris Marceau commented:
This is brilliant. Such a brilliant description of an 'aussie dawn' as I love the words used, it gives such good imergary.
Christopher Russon commented on Nov 24, 2017 at 5:38pm
I really love this poem.i can feel the freshness on that wonderful day.


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